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Automation Technologies–Technical Support Documents for CNC Lathes, Gang Tooling, and Process Automation


Automation technologies are empowering real advances in industry. We believe knowledge is power at Richlin. Empowering you to get the most of these innovative automation technologies is one of our most important jobs. Below we provide a comprehensive library of technical support documents for CNC lathes, gang tooling and automation processes.  Our goal is to help you keep current on the latest technologies and techniques and to make this information conveniently accessible to you.

Automation Technologies: Technical Support Document Library


Axis motor and amplifier issues
 Axis not moving | Axis not repeating  Tuning AMC Amps
 Axis Servo Errors  Tuning Copley Amps
 Ctrl-H / Ctrl-C test  Tuning OmniTurn amps
 Motion Control Issues  VIDEO:
Balancing gold amplifiers in G35 & older controls

Barfeed issues
 Pneumatic bar feed installation notes

Collet Closer
 Dunham type issues  What type of collet closer do you have?
 Taming the Dunham Collet Closer  

Control issues
 Adjusting RPMs  MC2 Card modification doc
 Ctrl-H / Ctrl-C test  Motherboard beeps
 Disassembly of G2 & G3 controls  Motherboard Installation
 Disk failure / Disk not found  Password procedure
 DOS notes  “Polling Controller” message
 Floppy to USB Converter  Replacing Epia ML Motherboard with Epia M830
 Installing an OmniTurn Hard Drive  RS232 File Transfer
 Locking up issues  Spindle encoder troubleshooting
 Mathematic Calculations  

G4 control issues
 G4 Password protection  Installing G4 Control on Yaskawa C-Axis
 G4 Thumb drive  Restoring hard drive on G4 control
 G4 Software revision history updates  Setting Metric mode as default
 Honing: when honing the motor does not hone in one revolution of the ballscrew  Software (Accumulative) Updates for G4 Control
 Installing G4 Control on an Inverter Machine  To set up hard drive on G4 CNC
 Replacing Epia ML Motherboard with Epia M830  

 Retrofit installation instructions

Machining issues
 Bad finish problems  Threading problems
 Holding size problems  Omniturn – hints and kinks

 OmnITurn Manual – English  G3 Owner’s Manual
 OmniTurn Manual – Spanish (G2 & G3)  G4 Owner’s Manual (TB1)
 OmniTurn Training Manual  G4 Owner’s Manual (CCA)
 OmniTurn – Trouble shooting guide  

Mechanical issues
 Adjusting the height of center on GT & Attachment  
 Checking the height of center of a tooling plate  

Off line and office computer issues
 Configuring NotePad as your off line editor  Removing .txt extensions from program files
 DOS notes and commands  Using standard word processors off line
 Hooking up a window’s network  

Programming issues
 Fanuc programmer notes  Programming work sheet
 Programming help VIDEO –  Saving part programs in Windows 7

Service and maintenance
 Baco to Allen Bradley jog switch  Replacing Work Lamp on GT-75
 Maintenance description  Serial number locations
 Maintenance & Lubrication Schedule: GT-75 & GT-Jr  Spindle bearing replacement
 OmniTurn Operator and Maintenance Manual  Universal grease gun
 PM maintenance list  

Software Downloads
 Download Software  Hard Drive Set Up (pre MC2)
 Hard Drive Setup  Software (Accumulative) Update for G4 Control
 Hard Drive Setup for Indramat ONLY!  Omniturn USB Stick

Spindle drive issues
 Adjusting RPMs  Spindle repair procedure
 Analog Spindle Inverter problems (mrw)  Yaskawa AC Drive-V1000
 Balance M19 Card  Yaskawa Drive-GPD 315/V7
 C axis Baumuller Tech Notes  Yaskawa GPD315 inverter diagram & photo
 C axis drive  Yaskawa Mini 2 hp parameters & wiring
 C axis spindle drive prints – Indermat version  Yaskawa Parameters for 5hp & 2hp PC3 Inverters
 GPD 315 simple parameter setting doc  Yaskawa PC3 inverter PDF 1.4 meg
 Installing a HSL spindle drive  Yaskawa Update Disk
 Setting Mitsubishi inverter parameters – 1997  

Suhner info
 BEWI-6 spindle print


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