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CNC Lathe Training Classes


CNC Lathe Training: Basic Class Outline

The basic CNC lathe training class is intended for students who have no CNC background. If you have a basic understanding of machining, that is enough to get you started. If you do not have any machining experience, it still pays to attend the class, however, you will need some additional training. This two day course will cover:

  • Turning
  • Threading
  • Drilling
  • Roughing cycles
  • Boring
  • Cutting off
  • C axis if requested
  • Additional topics as requested and pre-scheduled

Our program alternates between classroom instruction and hands-on learning. The class starts with an introduction to basic G codes and how to structure a program. We then apply these codes to program the processing of a simple part that uses a turning tool. Then  we take you out of the classroom for hands-on work with modern CNC lathes. We cover:

In no time you will be comfortable running the machines and applying what we have learned so far, so it is back to the classroom for more G codes and machining operations. We add thread and drilling operations to your skill set and then go back out to the machines to modify the setup and run  more parts. We repeat the cycle of classroom to shop floor throughout the two days of the course so that we maximize the number of programs and setups you perform.

We offer two versions of the class: One for students with some CNC lathe experience and one for complete beginners:

Download the Basic CNC Lathe Training 2-Day Class Outline

Download the Basic-Non-CNC Lathe User 4-Day Class Outline

Specialized Customer-Specific Training

If you have a specific customer part and special program to master, let us know. After the initial training, we can add additional time to the class for a reasonable fee upon request and per-arrangement to handle these projects.

On-Site Training

We can conduct on-site training upon request. To minimize distractions, we need to know your company’s daily schedule so that we can most effectively work within your operations. We will provide an announcement for you to share with the rest of the company so they know that training will be taking place. It is important that students not be pulled away from class. We also require a dedicated class room or conference room as well as clear, uninterrupted access to your machine or machines. We do not do training using your specific parts or programs, though we can add that to the curriculum after the basic training has been completed.

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