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Mother board fatal error – Beeps on startup

Problems with your system’s mother board “fatal error” or “beeps on startup” on your Omniturn CNC lathe’s control can be caused by something as minor as a  bad connector or as major as a damaged chip.The information in this section is designed to help you find out problems if the system board is not  operating properly.Each time the system is powered on, the Power-On Self Test (POST)  diagnostic routine determined if any error occurs.Errors are communicated during system boot-up as either a series of beeps or as messages that appear  on the screen.Fatal errors do not allow the system to complete boot-up, and are usually signaled as a series of beeps.Non fatal errors allow boot-up to continue and result in error messages on the screen.

No. of beeps
Error Message
1 Refresh failure
2 Parity error
3 Base 64 K memory failure
4 timer not optional
5 Processor error
6 8042 A20 failure
7 Processor exception interrupt error
8 Display memory read / write error
9 ROM checksum error
10 CMOS shutdown register read/write error


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