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Manufacturing Automation Training Classes


Manufacturing automation training classes are special at Richlin. The philosophy behind our entire Knowledge Center is empowerment, and in our training classes, that empowerment comes to life in a personal and dynamic way.

Our classes are the easy way to learn the sometimes painful lessons of experience–and we have decades of that, along with the scars to prove it. We are the swamis, gurus,  yogis and sages of manufacturing automation. We know the machines. We know the processes. We know the problems. And we know the really cool things you can do with them. We pack our training days with the usual necessary knowledge, but also the insider tips, short-cuts, and innovations that make our classes unique.

Our trainers are as entertaining as they are knowledgeable. We know people absorb and retain complex information best through stories–especially those taken from real world challenges they can understand and relate to. Taking a Richlin class is not a chore. Your people will walk out well informed and highly motivated.

We prepare copious class materials that support the presentation, hand-on on application of learning, and note-taking. Class materials help students review what they have learned and become a go-to resource they can turn to again and again when they are solving problems on your shop floor.

  • Focused
  • Hands-on
  • Practical and highly relevant to your work
  • Personal and personalized
  • Affordable and always a terrific value

More about Our Manufacturing Automation Training Classes

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