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Richlin Companies: About Us


Richlin Co building at 40 Allen Boulevard Farmingdale, NY 11735

Richlin is a group of family-owned companies that trace their roots to 1957 when Irvin Richlin started buying and selling precision machinery.

Manufacturing has seen more than one revolution since those early days and Richlin has rolled with the changes, evolved and grown. It seems like we just get settled and everything changes again. Staying innovative has been what has kept us nimble and helped us bring you staying ahead.

Fresh Thinking and Full Service

One thing that hasn’t changed—and will never change—is our commitment to fresh thinking and full service. We can help you from concept to fabrication, to installation, training and service. Whether it is building new machines, customizing or upgrading existing ones, or automating processes for accurate, efficient manufacturing, we take pride in deeply and completely understanding your goals and applying ingenious solutions that work.

Our Enterprising Philosophy

Making things work dependably, practically, profitably

Unusual or so-called impossible challenges are what we live for

Inventive, clever, elegant solutions are our stock in trade

As entrepreneurs, we are always thinking about your competitive advantage

Your Comprehensive Automation and Integration Resource

  • Designing new machines and improvements to existing ones
  • Building machines and customization
  • Sourcing parts–even one-of-a-kind and rare ones
  • Installing and testing to make sure everything works the first time
  • Training your team on an ongoing basis
  • Servicing to provide long-term maintenance, repair and spare parts
  • Trouble-Shooting just about any challenge you can bring us

We are now a family of five companies:

  • Richlin Engineered to Order is our newest endeavor for providing you with full-service manufacturing automation and integration services. Bring us your toughest challenges and that will really get our tails waggin.
  • Richlin has been representing OmniTurn CNC lathes since the 1980s. We sell new and used machines, provide replacement and custom parts, automate, and provide ongoing training and service. We know OmniTurns inside out and sideways and can help you get the most of your investment.
  • Richlin Gang Tools bring our extensive CNC lathe experience to gang tooling installations. We design, install and test highly efficient and compact set-ups that ensure you line runs free of problems
  • Richlin has been the U.S. sales and service representatives for Wirth & Gruffat since 1985. We now are the company’s warranty and service representative, ensuring your machines continue to operate reliably and efficiently.
  • And we have never abandoned our roots. Richlin New & Used Machinery maintains an extensive inventory of new, used, and refurbished manufacturing machinery. We specialize in high quality, durable machines and unusual equipment.

We expect manufacturing to continue to evolve and to stay at the forefront of that evolution. We have always been good at acquiring knowledge and putting it to work. You can count on us to apply our resourcefulness for solutions that are inventive, state-of-the-art and cost-effective now and into the future.


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