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3D Modeling, Digital Prototyping, Simulation Testing: Manufacturing Automation and Custom Machine Solutions


3D-Modeling-CAD-Autodesk3D Modeling Shortens the Manufacturing Process Development Cycle

Start producing your next new part faster, with fewer headaches and rejects. Give us a quick call. We have designed manufacturing processes for thousands of parts and apply that knowledge to turn around a conceptual approach faster than you thought possible.

Know How your Machine Will Perform in the Real World—-While Still in the Modeling Phase

Moving from concept to reality is fast when you work with us. We use the integrated 2D drawing with 3D modeling capabilities in the Autodesk Inventor Studio application makes it easier than ever before for engineers to take advantage of the superior 3D modeling and functional design capabilities found only in Autodesk Inventor Studio.

Life-like Autodesk Inventor Studio Renderings Save Time and Money

One of the powerful capabilities of 3D design software such as Autodesk Inventor is support for creation of 3D images of proposed designs. We present intuitive renderings of design ideas before realistic renderings and animations within the Autodesk Inventor design environment. New, special tools help us define lighting, camera angles, animation parameany prototbackground yping or production takes place, which in time, saves costs and time to refine concepts which then meets customers’ approval. We create high-quality, photo-ters and style to make images that best present your ideas–you see what you get early in the process where change is fast and less expensive.

Align Your Team Wherever They Are And Test Before You Build

Using the latest in 3D design and engineering software we can quickly produce digital models of possible solutions. With the internet and on line meetings a model can be developed and fine tuned without the historically time consuming and expensive multiple on site visits by engineers and salesmen. As a customer you can help us create a solution that fulfills yours needs the first time around. Limit redesign and expensive rebuilds that can ruin a custom solution’s effectiveness and profitability.


Our Modeling, Prototyping and Testing Approach

1. We start at the end—we begin with a thorough understanding of what you want to achieve
2. We bring a multi-function in-house design team in at the beginning for soup to nuts expertise at every step
3. We work with your engineers, operators and even end users to limit costly re-engineering
4. We share ideas and concepts on a secure website so you have always-on access all over the world on any computer or mobile device without having to install software
5. With digital modeling and prototyping we can test the model and refine it before you spend a dime on building
6. When we’ve perfected the solution, we provide you all you need including:

  • Manufacturing prints
  • Bill of materials and vendor recommendations
  • Schematics
  • Logic ladders
  • Interface software
  • Maintenance and service suggestions
  • Instruction/operator manual
  • Any other documents required to complete the project

We can send the entire packet to your end user for final review

7. We manufacture your machine in house, using generally available in-stock parts
8. We test run it the machine in our facility and work out the kinks before we ship
9. When we have got everything running right, we bring it to your facility and install and test run it using your parts and staff
10. We provide complete end user training so you can be productive from day one

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