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About Jeff Richlin


Jeff Richlin, automation expert, Richlin Company, OmniturnAbout Jeff Richlin, Richlin Co and his Automation Expertise

Jeff has a background as a well-respected user and instructor in the area of 3D modeling for mechanical systems and has spoken at Autodesk’s University and World Press Day.

He regularly guest lectures at a local university and chairs the local CAD user’s group. CAD consulting and training has grown to be a very successful part of his business.

Richlin Machinery Inc. was founded in 1962. Its original business was centered on production screw machine sales, turnkeys and support. Along the way the company moved into high-production secondary machine sales, tooling and automation. For 15 years, Richlin was the American distributor and automation arm of the French rotary transfer machine Wirth & Gruffat. During this period, Richlin helped develop a very successful small CNC lathe intended for high-production secondary operations – the OmniTurn. More than 5,000 of these machines have been sold and are still in use today.

Along with these ventures, Richlin Machinery always has been a source of automation engineering, building and support. More than 50 years of experience and growth has enabled Richlin Machinery to be a trusted provider of expertise and knowledge in automation. <READ MORE>

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