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G4 Software revision history updates

G4 Software updates:

12/19/14: Auto.exe was crashing on m97 if not preceded by
function that did a wait for plc. Added init of WDT on m97.

8/22/14:Added ability to type program name from keyboard
to picker.exe. Pressing F5 brings up program name prompt.

7/03/14:Added lube timer for collet closer lube to Auto.exe. 
Prompt on Auto screen advises operator to check and fill 
lube every shift and to press Alt-L to indicate completion.
If more than 10 hrs goes by between Alt-L signals, machine
puts up warning and won't continue until Alt-L is pressed.

6/17/14:Fixed threading bug which caused servo errors on
single-pass cuts >.3" deep.

5/15/14:Fixed bug in auto causing failure if hasvco.txt
file is not present; added PLC watchdog timer. If waiton
or waitoff statement is not fulfilled within time given
in default.wdt, machine will simulate servo error and
shut down. If there is no default.wdt file, timeout will
be 60 seconds.

4/25/14:Added save/load of vco programs along with tool
offsets via F10 screen. VCO files will be saved as
"partname.m80" and "partname.m81".

12/12/13:Fixed bug in Jog.exe:Alt-i wouldn't activate input
monitor display if in motion stop

10/08/13:Fixed bug in Jog.exe:If door was opened in MDI
w/spindle on,spindle would restart when exiting MDI

10/08/13:Fixed bug in Auto.exe-would not load offsets
correctly via F10 screen

8/27/13:Auto.exe and Jog.exe modified to give notice of
failed PLC communication.

8/16/2013:Cutter comp was only comping .1 as much as it
should in metric mode. Changed auto.exe to pass 10x value
to cutter comp routine.Found that sectcmp. file was formatted
incorrectly for use by omni-chk. Changed jog.exe and auto.exe
to format correctly.

8/09/2013:Fixed bug in auto.exe. M19 would not work
twice on the same tool sometimes, even with m05 between
the two m19 statements.

7/26/13:Added password access control to Auto.exe.
Password and options reside in a file called
1st line is password(not case sensitive)
2nd line:0=lock edit only,1=lock edit and offsets

7/12/13:Fixed problem with auto.exe not setting
correct feedrates with metric set as default.
Was only recognizing correct metric feedrates when
switching from inch to metric.

7/12/13:Fixed problem in parse.exe. Required G71 to
recognize metric mode even if filepath.cfg set
metric default.

7/12/13:Revised version.exe to reflect current date.

6/20/13:Jog.exe:changed feedrates on incremental
Moves<.1" are 1 ipm, .1" is 10 ipm,1" is 20 ipm.

6/17/13:Fixed bug in Auto.exe which caused spindle
to start in M03 direction on seq. search even if
program called for m04

12/20/12:Auto.exe modified to show comments on tool 
search page.Added file called version.exe to update 
package. Version.exe doesn't do anything, but the 
date of version.exe will be the date of the update.

09/17/12:Fixed bug in Auto.exe. Spindle encoder tracking
was limited to 4500 RPM.

09/16/12:Modified Auto.exe so that pressing Esc while
waiting for PLC will act like M30 rather than allowing
continuation in Single Block mode.

09/05/12:Fixed bug in Auto.exe causing Baumuller c-axis
to home incorrectly on 1st M19 after power-up.

08/14/12:Reworked soft e-stop in Jog.exe. Soft e-stop
during a MDI move would lockout keyboard until motion
stop and Esc were pressed. Fixed bug in Jog.exe causing 
CA moves to be inaccurate.Reworked servo error reset
routine to delay reset,allowing 5ax card to
re-initialize before restoring normal screens.

08/13/12:Fixed bug in auto.exe causing program to lock
if soft e-stop (guards+inh simultaneously) activated
with C axis enabled. Now soft e-stop causes jump to jog.
Reworked servo error reset routine to delay reset,
allowing 5ax card to re-initialize before restoring
normal screens.	 

05/17/12:Changes to auto.exe:
Fixed bug causing program crash when "C" was pressed
in offset adjustment screen to clear an offset.

Added support for C axis orientation controlled by
vision system: User executes M19, then M86.
On execution of a M86 command, control sends a ? via 
RS232 to the camera system.The camera system responds
with a text string "CI"+ the amount the part will need
to be rotated to be correctly aligned. The correction
will be applied to the next M19 command executed.

Added support for offset adjustment via slide-mounted
gage. M87 issues read command via RS232, gage replies
with difference between current position and position
read when indicating against a standard.Difference is
applied as a G10 workshift to subsequent tool calls.

Added tool height compensation to X-C plane switching
to allow use of live spindles larger than 1". H value
specifies height of tool centerline.
Added support for mechanical spindle brake motors.

03/15/12:Added support for mechanical spindle brake
to Jog.exe

03/09/12:Switched to a new text editor due to
occasional screen blanking when going into edit.

02/03/12:corrected bug in Auto.exe which would
cause servo errors if motion stop, then Esc was
pressed in constant surface speed mode and program
was then restarted.

01/19/12:corrected bug in auto.exe allowing manual
collet operation during thread cycle.

12/13/11:revised auto.exe for failure to pickup
secondary offsets on same line as feedrates. Also
added bounds checking for arrays and trapping for
overflow errors. 

11/04/11:revised Jog.exe to allow jogging w/misc.
cable disconnected for troubleshooting purposes.
Pressing Alt-G, then Cycle Start will clear a
feedhold caused by the door switch being open and
cause the door switch to be ignored until leaving
jog mode.

10/14/11:Revised Parse.exe for failure to pick up
secondary offsets under certain conditions.

10/11/11:Revised Intro.exe and CNC.bat to allow
breaking out to DOS via Ctrl-C at program backup
prompt.Revised Jog.exe to eliminate C-axis bug
causing C misposition on MDI CA moves over 360
degrees.Revised Updater.bat to copy new CNC.bat
file to root directories of C and D drives.

07/29/11:Revised Auto.exe to correct a feedrate
problem in CZ plane-switched mode. Feedrate was
lower than commanded.

07/13/11:Revised Auto.exe to correct a bug with
threading cycle. Z axis was traveling forward as
X pulled out at the end of the threading pass.

07/01/11:Revised auto.exe to correct jitter on
spindle reversal when tapping.Added M84/M85
commands to disable/enable feed and spindle
overrides. M84 disables,M85 enables. M02/M30
or tool calls enable overrides.

07/01/11:Revised Parse.exe to add M84/M85 codes
(see auto note above).

06/16/11:Revised Parse.exe to treat M19 as quick
C axis home and M88 as slow version.

06/02/11:Revised Auto.exe to accomodate plane
switching in the ZC plane.

02/21/11:revised Parse.exe to correct a problem with
secondary offset calls. G95 was not recognized on a
line with a D value.

02/20/11:revised Auto.exe to correct a problem with
secondary offsets. Multiple calls/cancellations
caused incorrect application of offsets.

01/26/11:revised Parse.exe to correct a problem
with interpretation of G00 in metric mode. Control
was setting G00 feed to 300mmpm instead of 7620mmpm.

01/18/11:revised Picker.exe to correct a problem
with lines being broken at commas, turning comments
into 2 lines and causing complaints from the error-
checking software.Rev. note updated 10/14/11:also
eliminated option of deleting directory. 

01/03/11:revised Auto.exe to allow Coolant key to
work whether machine is in cycle or not.

12/30/10:added input monitor function(Alt-I)to
Pressing Alt-I displays status of inputs. Note
that the spindle Off/Auto switch is only monitored
when the spindle is commanded to be on. Active
inputs are displayed as 0, inactive inputs are
shown as 1. Also,when door interlock switch opens,
Spindle Off/Auto switch is shown as off regardless
of its actual condition, and Mot. Stop is shown as
on regardless of its actual condition.If guard input
is disabled by the presence of the noguards.txt file
the guards input will be shown as active(0) whether
the door is open or not.

12/29/10:revised Picker.exe. Previously,the prompt
displayed when selecting a program directory said
to press Del to remove the highlighted item from the
list. Now says to press Enter to select, or Del to

12/07/10:revised auto.exe to enable parts catcher
key when door is open. Parts catcher key now
needs Ctrl key as well to prevent accidental
actuation. Also revised door intlk operation so
Esc will clear door intlk feedhold after door
is closed.(Formerly was only cleared by Cyc. St.).

12/03/10:revised jog.exe to enable parts catcher
key when door is open. Parts catcher key now
needs Ctrl key as well, to prevent accidental

11/20/10:Added support for vertical cutoff
in auto.exe,jog.exe, and parse.exe.Added quick
home function(M88)for Yaskawa C axis in auto.exe
and parse.exe. Fixed bug in auto.exe causing
glitchy C-axis motion when multiple tool changes
are executed with C axis enabled.Fixed bug in
auto.exe causing jittery motion when spindle
reversed during feed. Modified jog.exe and
auto.exe to shut off all m-functions on exit.

7/22/10:modified threading cycle in auto.exe
to get faster pullout for use in blunt-start

7/09/10:Fixed bug in auto.exe causing memory
corruption by extremely long threading cycles.

5/14/10:Fixed bug in auto.exe causing slow feed
on retract in drilling cycle in metric mode.
Fixed bug in jog.exe causing incorrect position
display in metric mode.

4/6/10:Changed auto.exe so that Esc-ing from
waiton/waitoff statements in user m-funcs
switches to single block mode.

2/23/10:Parts counter display was not clearing
when turned off. Fixed in auto.exe.

2/22/10:Changed auto.exe to fix bug with X-less
single-pass threading cycle.

2/19/10:Changed auto.exe to fix bug with
m91/92/93/94/95 handling of inputs to C axis

2/19/10:Changed parse.exe to allow inclusion of
m-funcs(M03/4/5/8/9/17/18/21/22/23/24/27/28) on
same line as X/Z move following tool call.

2/10/10:Changed picker.exe to recognize .nc and
.cnc file extensions in addition to no ext or .txt

Previously changed handling of door interlock inputs
Door interlock now is wired to the "motion stop"
input instead of the "palm box e-stop" input. Wires
for the door interlock switch and the bypass keyswitch
need to be moved from tb1-26&27 to tb1-30 and gnd. TB1-
26&27 need to be jumpered together unless there is
some other e-stop circuit there. The interlock now
behaves as if motion stop and spindle off/auto were both
activated. To resume operation after closing the door,
the operator needs to hit the cycle start buttons.
Machines which have no interlocks need a file called
"noguards.txt" in the runfiles directory. It does not matter
what is in this file. If the file exists, the control
ignores the interlock input. It is better, though sometimes
impractical, to jumper the external Motion Stop signal
to ground than to use the noguards.txt file to disable
the interlock input, since jumpering allows interlocks
to be added later just by removing the jumper.

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