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OmniTurn GT-75 Turning Center CNC Lathe


OmniTurn-GT-75- CNC-LatheThe OmniTurn GT-75 Turning Center is your shop floor work horse. This CNC lathe is that one that established OmniTurn’s reputation for fast precision at an affordable price.

Gang Tooled OmniTurn GT-75 for Tool Changes in Seconds

OmniTurn-GT-75-CNC-Lathe-Gang-ToolingThe OmniTurn GT-75 is gang-tooled for fast tool changes–change from tool to tool in less than half a second. To make repeat set-ups even more efficient, the GT-75 has a “Save Offsets” feature that allows you to store complex tooling set-ups in an 805PFB holder. Re-locate the holder on the tooling plate, then load your part program with offsets. You are ready to start running parts fast without time-consuming re-sets or turret indexing.   The locating pin insures that the holder is back in place, and the original offsets load into the OmniTurn with the program.

Better Finishes and Heavier Cuts with OmniTurn GT-75

The GT-75 is manufactured with high-quality ground ball-screws mounted with angular contact bearings and linear guides to give you precision and reliability.

The closed-loop servo system provides accuracy to .0001″ with .00005″ resolution. Servo motors ( 200v to 245v, 1 or 3 phase) are connected directly to the ball screws. No belts pulleys, or gears are used for positioning to give you the most accurate, fluid, trouble free system available. There are no components in the system to cause noise, vibration, or backlash. This drive has superior characteristics for both bar and secondary work: high HP – even at lower rpms, Poly-V direct drive delivers a vibration free spindle at 4,000 rpm. A very short acceleration and deceleration makes more parts per day possible.

OmniTurn-GT-75-spindle-driveThe 5C cartridge spindle is made in America with a proven design that includes angular contact class 9 bearings. The spindle has been built to run smoothly which results in excellent finishes at all RPMs. The standard spindle nose has the 5C collet seat ground directly into it.  The spindle drive is designed for smooth operation, long life expectancy, and easy maintenance. The drive is simple and accessible. The belt length is kept short to minimize any vibration. On secondary work, where concentricity is so critical, this spindle construction is superior to two part assemblies because the integral collet seat supports the part better.

The C Axis Spindle Drive Option gives you flexibility in spindle positioning. You can cross drill, mill, slot, face drill, helical mill, and spindle orient for automatic loading of parts that are not round. The GT-75 also has a number of live tooling options, both pneumatic and electric. Live tools can be mounted on the slide for cross drilling and tapping operations. The units can also be mounted on the headstock.

OmniTurn-GT-75-single-block-constructionThe OmniTurn GT75 gives you better finishes and supports heavier cuts. Because the GT-75 is based on a single block design, the slide hasexceptional strength and rigidity . The head stock and linear ways are both mounted on the same billet. This single block construction can take very heavy cuts, even through stainless steel and tungsten.

OmniTurn uses a stable composite that does not change its shape over time and has excellent vibration deadening properties. Excellent thermal stability results in fantastic repeatability! Excising customers are amazed at how the OmniTurn will hold “a tenth” all day, start up the next morning, and have the first piece the same as the last one made.

The cartridge design is serviceable. If there is a problem with the spindle, it can be pulled and sent back to the factory for repair.

OmniTurn PC based Control

OmniTurn-PC-Based-CNC-ControlThe PC based OmniTurn control has proven itself to have outstanding features, functions, and service. The control has been designed with both new and experienced CNC users in mind.

Standard and advanced G codes used: Diameter programming, automatic corner radiuses and chamfering, roughing cycles, threading cycles, peck drilling, and more. Additional features that enhance the OmniTurn control: secondary offsets, subroutines for bar feeds, tool path graphics, and off line program software. G code list

Huge program storage: Programs are stored on a 32 meg solid state hard disk. This means you will have instant access to all of your programs. You will not have to down load programs every time you have to change over. Backing up is easy via floppy disk or network connection

Tool offset storage is unlimited:You can store a set of offsets with each program you write. This makes change-overs from job to job a lot quicker.

Update the system software in seconds: OmniTurn periodically adds features and functions to the control and makes these changes available to all users. Popping in a new System Disk and updating, takes less than 15 seconds! Updates are posted on the web for easy access.

Other features include:

  • Slant bed with a 75 degree angle to let chips fall away to avoid problematic chip piles and for better coolant handling
  • Spindle is closer to the operator to make loading the machine easier
  • Full enclosure contains chips and coolant to help keep your shop clean–Chip and coolant handling are designed for accessibility for easy to removal and emptying
  • CNC control that generates with single point tools and eliminates the need for making form tools
  • 5hp spindle with a 5C nose–to offer concentricity of the gripped diameter to the turned one
  • Optional C-Axis positioning allows you to finish complex parts with one set up
  • 12” X-Axis travel; 9” Z-Axis travel
  • 4000 rpm power, with the option to increase to 5000 rpm
  • Air-actuated collet closer offering different gripping forces between 20 to 80 PSI
  • Reconfigurable pneumatics to work with other types of work holding devices, such as a pneumatic chuck.
  • Dual palm button cycle to ensure operator’s hands are safely out of the work area before the machine starts
  • Flood-coolant system
  • Barfeed ready for single and magazine bar feeds
  • Headstock, control, and work area are designed to facilitate the addition of automatic loading systems.
  • No turret. Less to break. More rigid.
  • The self- contained design of the GT-75 makes it easy to pick up and move around the shop to where it is needed
  • Ready for automation

Detailed specifications here.

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