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OmniTurn CNC Control


OmniTurn-CNC-ControlWe offer the latest generation of the OmniTurn CNC Control. The G4 Control is built on PC-based control technology and includes a full word processor program editor, unlimited storage. The OmniTurn CNC Control easily handles plane-switching for milling and slotting and uses industry standard G Codes. The unit is extremely reliable and has the lowest maintenance cost on the industry.

The latest OmniTurn CNC Control is built on 27 years of experience and installations on thousand of turning machines across the country. This model uses modern Ethernet technology to make using it simple and fast. A three-axis simultaneous servo control (X, Z and C) comes standard, with an available forth axis option. The motion card connects to the computer through an Ethernet connection to reduce the need for additional hardware and to boost reliability.

Key Features of the 4G OmniTurn CNC Control

  • Option for four, even five axis synchronization
  • With a “C” axis spindle, program X axis and Z axis simultaneously
  • Enables addition of vertical cut off
  • Y axis on tooling plate
  • Plane-switching for milling and slotting operations
  • Faster servo update time resulting in better finishes and tighter arc blending; refresh servo position 2,000/sec
  • Knob-controlled feed rate and spindle speed override
  • Three ways to input a program: RS-232, keyboard and USB memory stick
  • Color LCD display and enhanced user display
  • On-screen display of tool number & true position
  • High capacity 128MB solid-state hard-drive
  • Eight user programmable i/o
  • One-year warranty on all CNC control components

View specifications for the OmniTurn CNC Control here.

OmniTurn CNC Control 4G Model Offers Modular Design for Easy Access

The computer slides out to make access to components easy and to facilitate maintenance. Access motion-control components from the top and access the computer itself through the font panel. The sealed enclosure is cooled by fan to keep it clean and to maintain optimal temperature, with one fan An upper chassis fan blows directly on servo and amps. A lower chassis fan cools the motherboard. The energy-efficient Mini ITX motherboard has a slot for one PCI network card.

Upgrade to the Newest OmniTurn CNC Control

Replacing an old OmniTurn control is easy. After a small amount of rewiring in your electronic cabinet, you are ready to go. Old programs are fully compatible with the new controller. (A few older spindle controllers may need replacing, which we can provide at a discount.) We can help with installation and customization.


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