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OmniTurn Attachments


Full Line of OmniTurn Attachments

Travel in X: 12″
Travel in Z: 8″
Servo Motor Thrust: 500 lbs
Direct-drive Pulley Set Included
Accuracy of slide travel: .0001″
Resolution of slide travel: .00005″
Powerful PC based control
Rapid Travel: 300 ipm


OmniTurn Retrofit Slide


View the detailed specifications for OmniTurn attachments here.


Chucker converted to full CNC with OmniTurn attachments

We make sure installation of your OmniTurn attachments is quick, pain free, and done right the first time. If you need OmniTurn customization, we are ready and eager to help–visit Richlin Engineered to Order. All attachment kits are complete and well documented:

  • Fully wired with quick-disconnect plugs; no soldering needed
  • Completely assembled control
  • Motors and spindle encoder pre-wired with cables and plugs
  • Ready to thread


Download OmniTurn attachments brochure here

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