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Omni-Turn GT-Jr. Gang Tooled CNC Lathe


The Omni-Turn GT-Jr. is a small and portable, yet fast, inexpensive, simple, yet advanced, cross between the GT-75 CNC lathe and attachment.

CNC Lathe with a Small Footprint and Large Capacity

Omni-Turn-GT-Jr-CNC-Lathe-footprintThe GT-Jr. has a small footprint, but not a small machining capacity. It has the same slide and control systems as the larger GT-75 and the same features and characteristics. The GT-Jr. saves space through the removal of the full enclosure, giving you a full-size slide with a 12″ x 9″ standard travel, while opening up space for many secondary operations. The result is a fully functional CNC lathe that stands just 24″ deep.

Designed for Productivity

Ease of loading isn’t just a nice feature; it has dramatic impact on productivity. The GT-Jr. is angled at 75 degrees, with a spindle that is close to the operator. Operators don’t need to stretch over the slide or reach in to load the spindle. The angle, coupled with a spindle that is only 10″ from the front edge, means operators can load parts all day in comfort.

Omni-Turn-GT-Jr-Operator-75-degreeThe 75-degree slant also helps with chip and coolant management. Unlike CNC lathes with a horizontal plate, chips don’t collect under the cutting area on the GT-Jr. Omni-Turn enhances rigidity for durability and accuracy with a ridged base slant bed.

Strength and Durability

Durability is built into every Omni-Turn and the GT-Jr. is no exception. This GT-Jr-Slide-Block-Constructionmachine has strong, single-block construction. Both the headstock and linear ways are mounted on the same billet. This single-block design gives the GT-Jr. slide both strength and rigidity. Unlike light-duty machines constructed using castings, the GT-Jr. linear ways are supported by a solid base that does not move. We use stable composite materials in our construction to prevent warping and also to provide vibration deadening.



Omni-Turn-GT-Jr-CNC-Lathe-portableAnd in a world where you may need to move your machine across the shop floor, across town, across the country, or even to a new continent, the Omni-Turn GT-Jr. is portable.

  • Omni-Turn GT-Jr. is so solidly constructed, it does not need to be bolted to the floor, even for heavy cuts.
  • Instead of moving parts across the shop to a secondary operation area, move the machine to the parts.
  • The base frame has a cutout to enable a pallet jack or fork truck to easily pick up and move the lathe.
  • The coolant and chip systems are enclosed in the base. They move with the lathes.

GT-jr-CNC-lathe-secondary-operationsInstead of moving parts to machines in a secondary operation area, move the machine to the parts. Less part handling improves productivity and reduces part loss and damage. Reconfigure your shop floor layout with ultimate flexibility. Truck machines to where they are needed with ease. Omni-Turn GT-Jr. gives you true “plug and play” capability.


Options, Add-Ons and Specifications

The GT-Jr. base machine comes with a 5HP spindle drive, coolant system, and manual collet closer. See specifications here.

Optional add-ons include:

  • Pneumatic collet closer
  • C axis spindle drive
  • Extended X axis travel
  • Live tooling
  • Automatic loaders
  • More
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