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OmniTurn New CNC Lathes


Representing the full line of OmniTurn new CNC Lathes, attachments, accessories and parts–and providing expert advice, customization and support.

View the OmniTurn New CNC Lathes, Attachments, Accessories and Parts


OmniTurn GT-75 Turning Center Gang Tooled CNC Lathe

The OmniTurn GT-75 Turning Center is your shop floor work horse. This CNC lathe is that one that established OmniTurn’s reputation for fast precision at an affordable price. See more about OmniTurn GT-75 CNC Lathe.


Robotics is finally within your reach

Universal Robots’ collaborative robotic arms are easily integrated into existing production environments. With six articulation points, and a wide scope of flexibility, they are designed to mimic the range of motion of a human arm.  Universal Robots offers significant productivity and safety advantages, even for small operations. You get the fastest return in the industry for your automation investment. more–>


OmniTurn Retrofit Slide

Full Line of OmniTurn Attachments

We carry a full line of OmniTurn attachments and make sure installation of your OmniTurn attachments is quick, pain free, and done right the first time. If you need OmniTurn customization, we are ready and eager to help–visit Richlin Engineered to Order. All attachment kits are complete and well documented. See more about OmniTurn Attachments.


OmniTurn CNC Control

We offer the latest generation of the OmniTurn CNC Control. The G4 Control is built on PC-based control technology and includes a full word processor program editor, unlimited storage. The OmniTurn CNC Control easily handles plane-switching for milling and slotting and uses industry standard G Codes. The unit is extremely reliable and has the lowest maintenance cost on the industry. See more about the OmniTurn CNC Control.


 OmniTurn OmniZip Rear End Loader and Compact Bar Feeder

The OmniTurn OmniZip Loader is an automatic bar and shaft loader that is fast, simple and compact. Fits your OmniTurn GT-75 and OmniTurn GT-Jr. See more about the OmniTurn OmniZip.



Our infeed assemblies are easy to plug in and quick to adjust, Change your setup from a hanging part to a vertical nest escapement in minutes. Now you can run more than one secondary machine at a time, load up the infeed track and let the machine run unattended.  The first off the shelf universal loader for all types of machines.  View the OmniMate in action.


OmniTurn Eight Position Tool Holder

This eight bore tool holder accepts 5/8″ diameter tool shanks. It has a moveable pin that can be mounted on either side of the tooling plate for very quick tool changes. You can locate it from the front or the back of the tool plate for versatile, accurate changeovers–the fastest change-overs in the industry in fact. And it is guaranteed .0005” accuracy. More about the OmniTurn Eight Position Tool Holder.



OmniTurn 3-Phase Live Tool Motor

 The OmniTurn 3-Phase Live Tool Motor features 1/3 HP for 3,450 RPM. More on the OmniTurn 3-Phase Live Tool Motor

 OmniTurn Vertical Cut-Off

The OmniTurn Vertical Cut-Off and Groove Cutter allows you to quickly part-off without taking up table space. With servo-control, you can simultaneously part-off to start while turning. The unit can also be used for grooving. More about the OmniTurn Vertical Cut-Off and Groove Cutter


Omniturn Custom XY Slides

If you need OmniTurn custom XY slides–or any OmniTurn customization for that matter–give us a call. We love special challenges and are always eager for the chance to apply our resourcefulness to working with you on with solutions that are inventive, state-of-the-art, cost-effective, long-lasting and accurate. More here.

 Repair, Retrofit and Rebuild

Richlin Engineered to Order approaches the manufacturing challenges you bring us with a practical sense of what works and fresh thinking. More>>



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