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The Ragnar Robot is an Open Platform for the World of robotics

We empower you to access your own design of the Ragnar Robot to fit your needs

The State of the art Parallel Kinematic Robots inherits costly manufacturing, which we have innovated in terms of design, processing and materials, that have enabled us to reduce the cost radically for the equivalent working capability of the Robot. And we have lowered the entrance barrier to give access to Makers, Researchers, Educators and micro-manufacturers so the powerful Ragnar Robot meets your budget, and allows you the Explore and grow your business

The modular architecture of the unique Mechatronics  of the Ragnar Robot Explore extends to add-on’s like gripper systems and Vision Sensors. But not at least the Open Control that already supports widely used 3D printing open control and API, and we proudly announce that also the defacto  open Robotics control ROS-I is supported

RAGNAR Platform:
Make your own spacespace:
Sometimes the one-size fit all standard is not good enough. We are prepared for that and encourage you to make RAGNAR Explore special for your production.

Though it seems easy just to extent the arms and base frame to enlarger the workspace this is not an easy matter. But BlueWorkforce has made this possible by unique and groundbreaking kinematic technology.

Open source soft ware:
RAGNAR is based on open-source software standards and the firmware itself is open-source. That means RAGNAR does not requires a specialized knowledge. If you are already familiar with ROS, you will be able to work on the machine right away and the fact the firmware is released on an Apache license allows anyone to do exactly that. RAGNAR opens up for a large community, eligible to add their contribution to the future development of RAGNAR.

Frame your work:
BlueWorkforce gives you the opportunity to design the frame for your RAGNAR Explore Robot. Maybe you need to build your production up high, maybe you do not need a frame at all or all you need is our standard frame.

Additional Info:

  • Weight – 53 kg
  • Dimensions – 117 x 75 x 40 cm
  • Drive System – Timing belt HTD 5M gear Ratio 1:5 ( 60/12) Optional Planetary gear ratio 1:10-1:50 ( additional cost approx. 2.500 EURO )
  • Motors – NEMA 23 Stepper motor BiPolar max. current/Holding torque ( 4.0A/ 3.8 Nm pr motor on axle ) primary arm Max Torque 10 Nm , est. gear efficiency 85%
  • Power Supply – Caution ( manual switched 110/230 VAC – 24 VDC 70W + 110/230 VAD – 48VDC 500W, Max Robot Drive system consumption 450W
  • Embedded SBC controller – Smootie Board 5XC
  • Interfaceing – Ethernet , USB2 ( on Board )
  • Firmware – Ragnar Explorer – Motion control v.2.0 ROS-I driver Apache2 license  -Optional: HuginEYE vision -License based
  • Kinematic Configuration – 280/114/15/45 – Primary arm 250-400 – secondary arm – 400-700 – fixed X platform 60/120/90/120-100
  • Dynamics – Max. Speed 6 m/s , Max Acc. 24 m/s2
  • Payload – rated 700g , centered MI ( @ max speed/Acc.) max 2kg, reduced Speed/Acceleration


Ragnar Robot:

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