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Manufacturing Automation Expertise, Project Components and Considerations


We bring manufacturing automation expertise to every aspect of your automation project.

PLCs and HMIs: The Backbone of Effective Manufacturing Automation

Effective manufacturing automation begins and ends with programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) and the human-machine interface (HMI). These two elements are the back bone of most automation projects.

PLCs: We are experts at understanding manufacturing processes, identifying multiple inputs, and expressing them in programs that are fast, reliable, and high-performing. With hundreds of projects under our belts, we know the watch-outs, don’t-forgets, and have-you-thought-ofs.

HMIs: The bests artists make it look easy. We get the artistry in manufacturing automation. We know how to build the user interface to give your operations optimal operation and control. Our interfaces are not just clean, but are infinitely usable without you having to invest time and money on training. Self-explanatory, efficient, and enjoyable HMIs give operators and rewarding experience and keeps them engaged. The result is you consistently get the results you desire.

Complete Clear Manufacturing Automation Documentation

Complete and clear documentation influences the long-term success of any customization or automation project. As a matter of course, we create detailed schematics, ladders, program comments and explanations, and interface layouts. While we are always around to lend a hand when you need us, we know your independence is a signature of success. Thorough documentation ensures you can support yourselves just as well as we can support you.

Pneumatic Pistons and Slides–When To Use Them

Experience is what helps us bring you the most dependable and cost-effective solutions. Rather than go the costly route of servos and stepper motions, a combination of pneumatic pistons and slides can be an effective alternative high volume projects with dedicated setups. It won’t cost you as much and you will enjoy higher through-puts. Pneumatic systems are easier to maintain when your on-site staff does not get along well with complex electronics. It all translates to better productivity at a lower cost—and that’s profitable.

Servo Systems–Optimal Motion Control

Motion control is so important. In many applications it is the heart of the system. We are experts in all areas of motions. From simple single axis slides with imbedded controllers to multi axis systems that require handshake programming and hand-off interfacing.

Selecting the Right Sensors

There are so many types of sensors today that choosing the correct one will greatly simplify a project’s requirements and make it low maintenance for years.

Hall Effects, Proximity, Optical, Lasers, Mechanical Contact, Reed, and More

Our experience helps with selection and implementation.

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